About Us

Today Purushottam Thote College of Social Work has been leading in social work education and practice and has, over the years, responded to the needs of the poor, the marginalised and the disadvantaged in society. Academic curriculum of the college is designed to equip the students with sound theoretical knowledge about social work, social welfare and development concerns of the poor, and enable the students to develop skills and insights into working with people at the individual, group and community levels, and their representatives, and network with other groups and professionals working on similar issues. The curriculum consists of classroom work, which includes lectures, discussions, presentations, seminars with subject matter specialists, observation study of social and related organisations, etc., Concurrent and block field work under supervision provides opportunities to develop practical skills in social work. Thus, at the end of the 2 years, the Social Work graduate is armed with a range of competencies to work in the field of social work, social welfare and development. The nature of work covers a continuum of interventions from service delivery to programme development and influencing policy to organising people for fundamental change in society and economy.

The programme attempts to build a common perspective among the students that is in keeping with the college vision emphasising social justice, equality and human rights. The B.S.W/M.S.W. Social Work programme will be offered in different thematic areas. The social work graduates are among some of the finest change makers in the country and world. The students in Social Work offers graduates a wide range of work opportunities in nongovernment, inter-governmental and governmental organisations addressing issues at the micro and macro levels. The students are given exposure to work with all sections of the population such as children, youth, women, elderly, dalits, and people with disabilities. The programme equips the graduates to work in a wide range of capacities as social workers, counsellors, field officers, project officers, and programme managers in the fields of health, education, development, criminal and juvenile justice, gender issues, family services such as family courts, family counselling centres, adoption centres, broad-based child welfare services, community organisation and development practice, NGO � corporate initiatives, industry, funding agencies, research-based organisations, advocacy and human rights organisations, and organisations working in specialised areas of disability, HIV/AIDS, sexuality, disasters, etc., Employment opportunities are also available as instructors and lecturers in training centres for social work and community development personnel, funding agencies and as development consultants.

To maintain and develop the College as a teaching and research institute.

To undertake such other activities as may be deemed to be necessary to promote understanding and better professional practice in the area of social work, social service, personnel administration and allied fields.

Strategic extension, field action and advocacy through training and capacity building of State and non-State institutions and personnel.

Professional response to natural and human-made disasters, through participation in relief and rehabilitation activities.

Support knowledge creation through strong M.Phil. & Ph.D. programmes.

To organize lectures, seminars, conferences, symposia etc for the benefit to those who are interested in the subjects studied in the collage.

To publish books, monographs, periodicals and paper in the subject studied in the college.